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What We Offer

What We Offer

LiveShopCommunity helps local merchants and communities by offering, at no cost, a Community Business Directory, hosted, maintained and updated by LiveShopBuy.

Being a City, Municipality, Community Group, Chamber of Commerce or Business Network Group you qualify for this free offering. To get started, we need the list of all registered businesses in the community. The business name, contact person, address, phone number and email address is required. Our IT department will then scrub the list for duplicates then upload it into LiveShopBuy’s database. We then send an email to all contacts asking them to claim their business and complete their profiles. There are several follow-ups made along the way through email and by phone.

Community residents often shop locally for products and services. The merchants, small businesses and professional service providers in their hometown will be the first to come up. (This is different from most eCommerce marketplaces. Many tend to first display merchants who sell the most products or have the most ratings and reviews.)

There are many shoppers that live out of town and search for a product or service. In most cases, their hometown’s local merchants will still be displayed first in the search results. As they scroll further down, merchants in their new temporary location will show up beneath them.

This concept has many benefits to the municipality, small business and the community. For the municipality, we create, manage and update a local business directory with their products and service. For the small business, merchants, and home grown enterprises, we provide the essential services. We prepare them to compete in today’s digital marketplace. In conclusion, with the community we have a revenue sharing philosophy and give back to help fund existing programs. Therefore assisting people in need for food, clothing, shelter, and health care. Also with the program, we focusing on long-term goals such as education, job training, and employment

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